Simplify, Strengthen and Standardise your Staff Accreditation

ProfilerLive is a highly effective, proven technology that digitises the process of staff training and competency assessment.

Our training & competency assessment mission:

To make sure everyone is safe to operate

How does ProfilerLive Work?

ProfilerLive uses a three-step process, to deliver training and competency assessment against all your required evidence methodologies. Providing consistent, standardised and objective visibility of status and progress.


Enhance your Content

ProfilerLive gives you the flexibility to quickly transform your existing material to create layered active learning experiences.

Build knowledge and enhance comprehension with fresh, engaging interactions using our constantly growing bank of microlearning tools.

Then, establish the depth of understanding through objective, measurable interactions.


Standardise your Approach

ProfilerLive consolidates and standardises your approach through auditable, modular competency assessment frameworks for every role, based on your prescribed criteria and validity periods.

Tasks can be based on completing any blended learning intervention, from face-to-face or digital training to learning on the job.

Create a structured, consistent, and objective solution and strengthen your process with digitised evidence.


Transform your Accreditation Visibility

ProfilerLive delivers real time insight within an enterprise stable environment.

Your Staff and managers get personalised calls to action that they need, whilst your Stakeholders get the assurance they want.

Interactive RAG dashboards, with actionable drill through, get to the right detail quickly. Ad hoc and diarised notifications, with personalised settings, let your managers plan and stay on top of their workload.

What can ProfilerLive do for you?

ProfilerLive lets you simplify, accelerate, and reinforce your best practices for every job-role, piece of equipment and SOP across your organisation.


ProfilerLive is a flexible platform with a myriad of features to suit you organisation, whatever your use case.

Cloud based

Make your processes resilient and secure with our real time cloud based solution

Micro-Learning Tools

Use our constantly growing bank of micro-learning interactions to create engaging content and deepen learning

RAG Reports

Get at-a-glance insights into staff progress with drill-down RAG Reports


Configure notifications and calls to action that are based on your triggers and ways of working

Implementation support

Fast start Programmes to get you up and running and start delivering benefits inside 24 hours

Leading Experts

Our industry leading content experts can assist you in transferring your existing training content onto ProfilerLive

Quality consistency

Standardise you process across all locations with your benchmarked criteria and model answers

Open architecture

Highly configurable frameworks designed to suit your structures

Make ProfilerLive Part of your Success Story

ProfilerLive is a trusted and secure training and competency assessment platform, used in a wide variety of implementations

Learning in bite-size chunks made it easier to learn and I was able to complete the full Programme more quickly ...

The learning content is clear, informative and easy to use ...

It is great using a platform that incorporates visual and audio learning, I like the variety it keeps me interested.

The ProfilerLive Implementation Team were fantastic, they had an in-depth understanding of the issues we face and gave us great guidance on the best way to make our solution work.

Our whole approach and management of Training and Competency has step changed for the better

We need more ProfilerLive in our business

Richard Mills - Director of UK HR, Panasonic

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