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About ProfilerLive

About ProfilerLive

ProfilerLive is a comprehensive and highly customisable cloud-based Staff Training, Competency Assessment and Engagement platform. It provides visibility and time-stamped evidence of the skills across your organisation measured against the benchmarks that you set.

ProfilerLive is a cloud based SAAS system with 3 core modules that is simple to configure and deploy.

Train – Knowledge to Capability

ProfilerLive has the tools to transform your existing content or build new. ProfilerLive makes it easy to design build and objectively measure your training programmes.

Evaluate – Ensured and Evidenced

ProfilerLive consolidates and standardises your approach to Learner evaluation with a simplified modular competency assessment framework, with digital evidence.

Analyse – Real time 

ProfilerLive transforms visibility giving you instant access to the live status and progress of any location, defined group, or individual in your entire organisation.

ProfilerLive’s flexible architecture works with any subject matter, allowing us to work with a wide range of clients.

“We need more ProfilerLive in our business”

Richard Mills, Director of UK HR & European Talent Management, Panasonic