Innovative Online Assessment

About ProfilerLive

ProfilerLive is designed to do one thing and do it well, quickly getting to the bottom of what your people know. It provides visibility and time-stamped evidence of the skills across your organisation measured against the benchmarks that you set.

ProfilerLive is equally adept at locating your rising stars, showing you exactly where individual and team talent and strengths exist.

ProfilerLive is a cloud-based SAAS system that is simple to configure and deploy. Assessments are designed to be engaging, media rich and user friendly to ensure accurate, up to the minute results for instant analysis and intervention.

ProfilerLive’s flexible architecture works with any subject matter, allowing us to work with a wide range of clients.

Recent examples include:

  • Working with the UK’s leading accredited provider of Compliance, Technical, and Safety training, helping deliver thousands of mission critical skills assessments to the Utilities industry
  • Avoiding disaster before product and project roll-outs by discovering serious gaps in understanding using ProfilerLive’s powerful survey and assessment tools
  • Continuous testing and honing of global management skills for one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers
  • Reducing the risk of loss and failure of specialist high value equipment in the marine oil and gas exploration industry
  • Validating the success of student knowledge transfer in one of the world’s foremost Universities

“We need more ProfilerLive in our business”
– Richard Mills, Director of UK HR & European Talent Management, Panasonic